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How to Fix E-Mail and SMTP problems in Yahoo Mail Account?


Yahoo is one of the most reliable and amazing emailing platforms which is being preferred by many users worldwide due to its user-friendly features. As similar to other emailing software Yahoo mail is also featured to be used with other emailing application and same as the other application it may also fall into trouble while doing configuration.

Recently, some users have reported for email and SMTP problem with Yahoo mail due to which they have faced lots of issues with their Yahoo mail.

However, if you are also having such error with your Yahoo mail then you needn’t be tensed or take load on your mind. As, here with this article post, you will come to know the reason and solution for this e-mail error and could have a perfect solution. This email issue can happen because of many reasons. Some of the reasons are shown as below:

•    Improper configuration with email application

•    Overflow of inboxes

•    Extension of data limit in email application

•    Incorrect IMAP

•    Email application would not have installed properly

These may be some of the reasons for having email and SMTP problem with Yahoo. This email issues can be easily resolved by doing the re-configuration of Yahoo mail with an emailing application. So, let’s have a look at the process of configuration and SMTP server setting.

Yahoo mail SMTP server setting procedure

•    First, fill the address as “” in Yahoo mail SMTP server.

•    Now, fill your full Yahoo mail email address with in Yahoo mail SMTP username.

•    Fill the Yahoo password in Yahoo mail SMTP password.

•    Type 465 in Yahoo mail SMTP.

•    Write “yes” in front of Yahoo mail SMTP TLS or SSL.

These above settings may not work in some of your desktops, so for universal settings follow the procedure as shown below:

•    Type “” in Yahoo mail SMTP server.

•    Enter Yahoo mail username in Yahoo mail SMTP username.

•    Type Yahoo mail password.

•    Again type 465 in port and finally click on Yes.

So, with all these above-shown procedures, you can easily have a solution for Yahoo E-mail and SMTP problem. However, if you are looking for more detail information, then you can approach to Yahoo technical expert through their Yahoo tech support contact number and can have complete solution concerning to any issue with Yahoo. So, just connect with this expert and have a solution for all Yahoo email issues.

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Published by Macc , 21.12.2016 at 12:13
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Frank Michael
This is nice information about Gmail account. If any user wants more help related to Gmail account …
Frank Michael Contact Gmail Customer Care for Fixing Software Startup Errors