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How to configure security settings in Yahoo Mail Account

Are you looking for ways to configure security settings in your Yahoo mail account? If yes then don’t get panic as there are various ways through which you can secure your account. As with the advanced technology the cyber hacks are becoming more and more common so it’s better to secure your account.With the help of this security settings configuration in your account no one can access your account and this data will be secured and protected.

To secure your Yahoo mail account what you need is to block the way through which any one can access your account.This post will give you complete help to adjust your account settings to create your mailbox safer than ever. In case you are a Yahoo mail user, then you can add a phone number or alternate mail id which helps you in securing your account along with this in you forget your account sign-in information then having an alternate email address or mobile number will speedily help you in recovery of your mail and thus helps you to quickly confirm your identity so you can get back into your account.

Below are the steps which help you to configure security settings in Yahoo Mail Account via adding a recovery email address

•First of all you need to open Yahoo Account Settings.

•Now tap on the Account security.

•In case you are adding your first recovery email address then you need is to tap on the Add recovery email address. But if you already have a recovery email added to your yahoo account and you are adding one more then tap on the email address.

•In the same case if you want to add your mobile number to secure your account then tap on the first recovery phone number, type the number which you would like to assign. In case you already have a phone number linked then click Add recovery number and enter the number which you’d like to add.

•Now tap on Send verification email for email address and for mobile verification you can get the call or SMS on your number.

•After this you need to verify your recovery email address inbox by entering the code which you get on your linked email address or alternate phone number.

•Tap on the verification link which you get in the email to Verify.

In case you want to know more or need any type of tech help then you can simply contact yahoo customer support help desk number and get complete assistance from the experts over a single call.

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How to Recover Lost or Deleted Emails from Yahoo mail server

Receiving and deleting emails is very straightforward process via an email address. But in case you unintentionally delete an email then to recover a lost or deleted mail is a difficult process. But now with your Yahoo mail server you can easily recover your deleted emails in a few simple steps.

 In addition to this if your mouse accidentally hover over the button "Delete", which results in deletion of your important yahoo email. To resolve this issue you can use yahoo mail server and get back your all mails that you delete by mistake. Luckily, there are some methods through which a user can retrieve deleted emails on Yahoo mail account. Below listed are the steps you should use to recover your mails. Recovery of mails is now an easy process through which you can to move emails in your Trash back to your Inbox or another folder. Here's how.

In Yahoo Mail:

  • First of all tap on Trash folder.
  • Your Trash folder's contents emails which you have deleted.
  • Choose any messages from the trash which you would like to save.
  • Tap on Move.
  • After this a pop-up will appear with your folder list displays.
  • Tap on the folder on which you want to move your deleted messages to.
  • Finally selected emails move to the desired folder you indicated.

Recover Lost or Ultimately Deleted Emails in Yahoo! Mail

Moreover to this to the email messages that have disappeared from your Yahoo from last few time. You can recover these emails in yahoo mail:

  • First you need to fill out all the details in the Yahoo! Mail Restore Help Form.
  • Then tap on the create Request option.
  • After this wait for Yahoo! to return your deleted emails in your Yahoo! Mail account. As you know the restoration process is not successful always, sometimes the emails older than 7 days cannot be restored back. Your requests are not cancelled by yahoo.

For any type of help recover Lost or Deleted Emails from Yahoo mail server. You can simply get connected with a reliable source by dialing a Yahoo customer care support number and get solutions instantly. By dialing this number you will get connected to an expert technician who knows how to tackle this situation very well. The experts provide you with customized solutions to fix your queries in minutes.


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